High-speed, Wireless Internet for Rural Southwest Colorado

High-speed, Fiber-Optic Internet for Cortez's downtown businesses

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VELOCITYNET VelocityNet's High-Speed, Wireless Internet

VelocityNet currently provides high-speed, wireless Internet service to the following Southwest Colorado communities and their surrounding rural areas:

Cortez     Mancos     Dolores     Lewis     Arriola     Hesperus
Breen   Kline     Marvel    Red Mesa      Yellow Jacket

VelocityNet's "wireless" network is a land-based, high-speed Internet service. A small (12”x12”) panel antenna/bridge is mounted externally on the client’s premises. The antenna/bridge then connects to one of our wireless nodes.  
There are no telephone lines or satellites, and no slow telephone dialup or satellite latency. VelocityNet’s service is similar to a high-speed DSL and cable service, but instead of going through a telephone line or cable, we use wireless, microwave technology to connect you to our high-speed, broadband lines.
The only requirement for VelocityNet’s high-speed wireless Internet Service is an unobstructed line-of-sight from your location to one of our wireless nodes. We gladly do free line-of-sight inspections for all prospective clients.
We recently expanded and upgraded our services with new generation wireless equipment; additional wireless nodes; and increased broadband capacity to provide wider coverage and even faster Internet service.

VELOCITYNET Low Prices, Free Replacement, and
No Contracts to Sign

VelocityNet’s initial “Installation and Usage Fee” is only $195 and includes:

  1. Installation of VelocityNet’s antenna/bridge.
  2. Programming of the customer’s computer(s) and router (if the client uses a router for multiple computers and/or in-house wireless connectivity).
  3. Unlimited Internet usage.
  4. Free repair or replacement of any defective or damaged antenna/bridge.

There are no access fees or other hidden charges, and there are no yearly contracts to sign.

Internet Speeds
Monthly Fee
512 Kps
1.0 Mbps
1.5 Mbps
2.0 Mbps
2.5 Mbps
3.0 Mbps